Heavy, 32 Jahre alt (hier mit Perücke) hat Krebs. Weil die kurdische Regierung keine Therapien und Operationen für syrische Flüchtlinge mehr bezahlt, hilft khaima Hevy, damit ihre Kinder nicht unter wildfremde Familien aufgeteilt werden müssen.

Auf diese Weise haben sie ihre Mutter noch.

Ihr Bruder ist arbeitslos, aber ohne ihn dürfte sie nicht einmal alleine ins Spital reisen…


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Neue Aufgabe...

Interview mit S. N., Näherin

1. City before you moving to the camp?

I was living in Shingal,Snone,Goball Village.


2. When did you come to the camp?

We moved to the camp in September 2014.


3. How did / do the children deal with the death of this father?

The kids, they were affected by losing their father because they needed him and it was too hard for them losing their father.


4. Did you have the opportunity to talk with somebody before camp?

When we moved to the camp, we were strangers there, and we didn’t know anyone ,but after that we had neighbors…


5. How did you try to earn money before sewing?

Before I work as a tailor, I worked for people, and we depended on people to donate for us . And my husband’s brother was handicapped and I took care of him too, and it was too much for me but I still took care of him because he is the brother of my husband. but after I attended the course of sewing ,and they gave me a sewing machine , now I depend on myself in working and take care of my family and don’t need anyone anymore.


6. What else did change with your work beside earning money?

I become more strong because I depend on myself in working, and also I don’t need anyone ,and I had many friends during the course.


7. Do you keep contact to the other widows?

One of them (Widows) is my neighbors we help each other in work because we know each other and we know how it is hard taking care of a family without husband .Also I had many friends during this course and they became my close friends and we visit each other too, and we have the phone number to call each other from time to time asking about each other.


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Abdullah lebte früher in Chamischli, Syrien. Nach seiner Flucht vor der herannahenden Gefahr fand er im Flüchtlingscamp Gawilan in Kurdistan Zuflucht.


Sein ungebremster Wille zu studieren, zu lernen und sich zu bewegen, macht ihn u. a. mit unserer finanziellen Unterstützung zum Hoffnungsträger für viele gesunde Flüchtlingsjugendliche im Camp.


Auch für seine Familie, die hier im Zelt lebt, wurde er zum Vorbild.


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Patenschaften für das Studium:

Ahad Alkhder


Ahad schreibt an Weihnachten 2015: :


"At first I want to congratulate Christma. I'm fine. And my school is very good. I finished my exams nicely I practice sports every day in the morning!"




"Exam results were good: In Mathematics 88, English 81. Final exams will be the end of this month. I will do my best to bring a good point


In the end I want to say thank you because my dream come true! Long live Switzerland. Long live the state of peace!"


Neslihan Khazidenar


Neslihan schreibt an Weihnachten 2015:


"I wish for you, the sponsors, a good life with family with peace and health. I wish you have the best Christmas ever…With respect and my love".




"My exam is over usually gone very well but the results are not disclosed. I am beginning to study for the final exams in 3 weeks and I am doing my homework and school project. Also on weekend I am going to the English course. it's going well and very fun."