Heaters, light, milk powder

In the Sindjar mountains as well as Sinjar-City our relief goods have arrived. With Prof. Mamou Othman (left in the picture) and the directors of the "american presbyterian church" in Dohuk, the couple Callison, Andreas Goerlich has good contacts. Mamou is professor at Dohuk University for "european relations" and was Iraqi minister in 2005 as Jeside.

Proper billing, prompt delivery and partner-related work help enormously to bring heaters, milk powder, blankets and light into the affected area.


Sinjar and Dohuk

Start and planned duration:

From 2014, in each case over the winter months


Flüchtlinge und IDP (internal displaced persons): Umgesiedelte Jesiden und Christen


 Hilfe, über die kalten Wintermonate zu kommen


Verteilung von Brennstoff, Teppichen, Decken, Gaslichter im Winter, Milchpulver eher im Sommer durch Humanity NGO