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The LEGO and the toys arrived at Qaymawa camp... more


On the 23rd of December we celebrated a special children's Christmas in the Chaldean church in Zahko together with more than 100 children.


Do you recognize the song? *


Khaima donated 100 gifts with toys and dolls - the joy was great.


* Jingle Bells in Assyrian

This was a celebration in four camps on the International Children's Rights Day (20th November).


We explained this to the children and said that we want to give them a little protection before the rainy season, and this protection should remind them of the children's rights they have.


And of course, that khaima is also a tent and a small shelter from Switzerland ...

khaima – a non-profit association for the support of self-help around the crisis area Syria supports Syrian and Jesidian refugees of all confessions.


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