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Dear friends of Khaima!

My grandmother told me with bright eyes that for her as a child at Christmas there was a roasted apple from the oven and an orange. That never happened – I thought!

I never imagined how someone can be happy with Christmas - there had to be more!

Now, in the refugee camps (as here in Nergezlia) or even in poor families (the government has almost halved the wage) this story comes back to Christmas for me. If we give an orange to the children who are returning to Mosul soon or are more familiar with Christmastime from the "biting wind" around the tent, their faces light up. Some even bite into the shell, they are so happy.


You all are interested in helping refugees or have even donated something or experienced what it meant to be living here as a refugee. With that you touch many hearts in your environment and our heart too ...


THANK YOU SO MUCH! A blessed Christmas and a happy new year 2018


Sincerely, in the name of Khaima

Andreas Goerlich



Eindrücke von der ersten Generalversammlung vom 28. Juni 2017


الموقع الرسمي لمنظمة

الخيمة باللغة العربية


There is now KHAIMA available in arabic. Thanks to Hasan Alkhder!

The LEGO and the toys arrived at Qaymawa camp... more


On the 23rd of December we celebrated a special children's Christmas in the Chaldean church in Zahko together with more than 100 children.


Do you recognize the song? *


Khaima donated 100 gifts with toys and dolls - the joy was great.


* Jingle Bells in Assyrian

This was a celebration in four camps on the International Children's Rights Day (20th November).


We explained this to the children and said that we want to give them a little protection before the rainy season, and this protection should remind them of the children's rights they have.


And of course, that khaima is also a tent and a small shelter from Switzerland ...

khaima – a non-profit association for the support of self-help around the crisis area Syria supports Syrian and Jesidian refugees of all confessions.


Please support this swiss charity organization. Thank you.